Important cases-case law

Important cases litigated by our law firm:

● The question of constitutionality of age limits for directors of Greek Research Centers [Council of State decisions 3404/2011 and 3978/2014 (plenary)]
● Unconstitutionality of property tax on real estate under town planning constraints [Council of State decision 520/2014 (plenary)]
● Questions of constitutionality of the second Memorandum of Understanding with Greece’s Creditors [Council of State decision 2307/2014 (plenary)]
● Election of a Rector at a major Greek university [Council of State decisions 2357/2014, 4474/2014]
● Local taxes on the production of mineral water and soft drinks [Council of State decisions 1184/2014 (plenary), 3169/2010, 1409/2015]
● Illegal operation of a birth clinic in a Thessaloniki apartment block [Council of State decisions 3435-3438/2014, Thessaloniki Administrative Court of Appeals decisions 1734-1736/2013]
● Correction of erroneous decisions executing town plans [Council of State decision 4493/2015]
● Annulment of expropriation decisions issued by municipality [Council of State decision 1133/2017]
● Solar power installations in old coal mines [Council of State decisions 2487 and 2488/2017]
● Building demolition permit in coal mine [Thessaloniki Administrative Court of Appeals decision 342/2017]
● Kassandra Mines disputes before the Council of State [Council of State decisions 1492/2013, 549, 551/2015, 222-3/2016, 1531-3/2019, 1862/2019, 223/2020, 1641/2020]
● Kassandra Mines arbitration (January-April 2018)
● Environmental permit for mineral drilling [Council of State decision 1524/2020]
● Environmental problems of wind power stations [Council of State decision 2138/2018]
● Land contribution (town planning law) by the operator of power grid installations [Council of State decision 155/2019]
● The right to be heard before the imposition of tax fines [Council of State decision 2765/2019]
● The annulment of invoices and its importance in tax law [Council of State decision 380/2019]
● Legal election of Mayor [Council of State decision 646/2020, Thessaloniki Administrative Court of First Instance 6135/2019]
● Questions of constitutionality of the change in employment status of doctors in the public health services (decision pending)
● Annulment of a decision by the Minister of Health rescinding the election results of the Hellenic Medical Association  [Council of State decision 730/2021]